Truck safety technological advances that make highways safer

Truck crashes are on the rise, but little is being done

On a warm and sunny September afternoon, a semi-truck driver was gazing out at the Washington countryside when he slammed into the back of a car at nearly 60 mph. The truck driver never touched the brakes. That crash killed Garrett Underland. He was just 15 years old. Andy Sommer was turning down the [...]

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Seattle makes a big safety improvement to city trucks

Sharp-eyed Seattle residents may notice something different about SDOT trucks. Earlier this month, the Seattle Department of Transportation started installing side guard panels on city-owned heavy trucks. Seattle's Department of Transportation has started installing the side guards on the city-owned fleet. (Photo: Seattle DOT) Why truck side guards matter This may not seem like [...]

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Why Safe Truckers are No Accident

Preliminary statistics for 2016 indicated that there was a 7-8% increase in fatalities in crashes involving trucks and buses. It’s easy to focus on the multitude of available safety systems for commercial truck fleets. But, there is much more to safe trucking than an electronic logging device and a crash mitigation system. The key element [...]

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What you need to know about FCAM (and why all trucks should have it)

What is FCAM? We throw around a lot of trucking safety terms. The talk can get very technical. For example: NHTSA identifies forward collision avoidance and mitigation technology (FCAM) technologies as the systems that combine forward collision warning alert signals with collision mitigation braking.  There's a much easier explanation. 1) Radar detects a pending crash; and 2) Automatic braking prevent it. [...]

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Are speed limiters in heavy trucks really a good idea?

The idea is that semi-trucks and other heavy commercial vehicles shouldn't be able to speed on U.S. roads and highways. In August, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration jointly proposed that all new trucks, buses, and commercial passenger vehicles that weigh more than 26,000 pounds have speed limiting devices [...]

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Trucking Tech: New crash avoidance system study results are amazing

A couple of years ago, a Walmart truck rear-ended a limo van at a ridiculously high rate of speed. One man was killed, and several others seriously injured—including actor Tracy Morgan. That crash was investigated by the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB). This slide from the NTSB’s presentation shows the crushed interior of the limo [...]

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Trucking Tech: Watch how a $30k retrofit makes an autonomous truck

A tech start-up is betting on an autonomous truck hitting the road in the U.S. —and soon. The former Google engineers at Otto designed a $30,000 kit that can retrofit semi-trucks with new autonomous driving technology. The autonomous truck package includes extra cameras, radar, and lights sensors. A computer gathers all of that information, adds [...]

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