Big mistake: Walmart blames victims in Tracy Morgan truck crash case

It’s a horrible—but common—story about a truck crash. A tractor-trailer transporting goods for Walmart rear-ended a limo bus on a highway. Law enforcement's investigation shows that the truck driver had not slept for 24 hours prior to the crash, and that he failed to pay proper attention as he approached stopped traffic. One passenger was [...]

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Preventing rear-end collisions with proper stopping distance

Most rear-end collisions are entirely preventable with proper training and safe driving. So why does this type of crash happen so often?  It is my experience that rear-end collisions are often a failure of truck drivers to: maintain a safe following distance; operate their trucks at a proper speed for the traffic, road and weather conditions; [...]

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Trucks and Speed

A truck driver must maintain a proper speed at all times.  Proper speeds depends on many critical factors.       These factors, include: *Traffic conditions *Road and Weather conditions *Skill and Experience *Load Weight and Type *Visibilty *Posted Speed Limit *Road Shape - Curves and Grades Speed control means operating at the proper speed [...]

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Following too close: a semi-truck Space Cushion

How many times have you seen semi-trucks racing down the road on the bumper of another truck and trailer? Or a huge tractor-trailer riding the bumper of a passenger vehicle on I-5? Probably far too often.   What we see on our highways each and every day are truckers in a hurry, racing upon our roadways and following too [...]

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