Laws and potential legislation that affect public safety, the trucking industry

This crash shows you exactly why trucking companies are supposed to do safety inspections

A quick lesson in trucking law: maintenance duty You probably know that specific laws and regulations apply to all commercial trucks that use our public highways.* One of those rules: every trucking company must have a regular truck maintenance program to keep its equipment in safe operating condition. As a back-up, the truck driver must [...]

Senator’s Truck Safety Act calls for hourly pay, insurance fix

Late on Friday, Senator Cory Booker introduced The Truck Safety Act (S. 1739). The bill would update Reagan-era insurance minimums; pay truckers for their time instead of their mileage; and, make commercial trucks use some of the same safety technology as passenger cars. Fixing the minimum amount of insurance for trucks The minimum amount of [...]


Congress is wrong: why the minimum insurance limits for trucks need to change

In June, the US House of Representatives passed a transportation bill – HR 2577– with a strange provision: it stops the Department of Transportation from updating minimum trucking insurance requirements. Commercial truck insurance minimums haven’t changed in 30 years. The federal government sets a “floor”: a minimum amount of insurance coverage commercial trucks must carry. [...]


A plan to catch chameleons

Chameleon carriers are trucking companies that shut down to hide from penalties after multiple safety violations or crashes—and then re-open under a new name. For more, see Chasing the Chameleon. These carriers run some of the most dangerous trucks on the road: 18% of suspected chameleon carriers were in serious truck crashes, according to the [...]

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Chasing the chameleon

The term “chameleon” refers to one that is subject to quick or frequent change, especially in appearance. Chameleons change in order to hide. Hiding from safety In the trucking industry, The Department of Transportation (DOT) and the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) use a DOT number to identify every company that operates semi-trucks. Theses [...]