Truckers must fight inattentional blindness

Since the 1990s, scientific studies on visual perception have demonstrated that people's expectations, and their ability to focus, affects what they see. It's called "inattentional blindness", and it's important for drivers to be aware of it - particularly professional drivers like truckers. Distracted driving means that a driver is not paying full attention to the single task [...]

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What really caused the fatal highway crash in Emeryville

The headlines say things like "Three siblings killed in crash with semi parked on shoulder because driver was out of hours", and "Siblings die in horrific accident with semi truck on I-80".  The news coverage of the February 28 collision between a minivan and a parked big-rig largely misses the point. This fatal highway crash didn't occur because [...]

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Washington state has biggest surge in truck crash fatalities

The trucking safety group Road Safe America analyzed federal crash data from 2009-2017. They found that nearly all U.S. states had increases in semi-truck crash deaths from 2009 to 2017.  But Washington State has experienced the biggest percentage increase in truck crash fatalities. The five states with the largest percentage increases in truck crash deaths [...]

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Here’s why semi-trucks jackknife …

"Jackknife" is the term for a semi-truck trailer coming to an acute angle with the truck cab, like a small folding knife. Over the past year, I have been looking the causes of semi-truck jackknifes on Washington highways, as Coluccio Law is currently working on a truck crash case in which fatal injuries were caused [...]

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Do you agree that truckers are professional drivers?

Truckers are supposed to be professional drivers. I know this because I've worked on truck crash lawsuits for more than 30 years. Yet, the lawyers on the other side—the insurance company attorneys— almost always object. They accuse me of holding a truck driver to "too high of a standard." They also regularly object to proposing that [...]

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Semi-truck driver pleads guilty for crash that killed 16

On a clear and bright April afternoon, a semi-truck driver speeded past four warning signs, and an oversized stop sign, striking a bus with violent force. The collision killed sixteen people, most of them 16 to 21-year-old members of the Humboldt Broncos junior ice hockey team. Two more were paralyzed, and another thirteen people were [...]

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How truck drivers can avoid a winter storm crash

Winter Storm Diego flooded parts of California last week. It dumped rain and snow across Texas, breaking snowfall records in several cities. As it moved over the Appalachian mountains, the snow and ice knocked out power for about 300,000 people, and in some areas, left nearly two feet of snow. There were more than 700 winter storm [...]

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