Welcome to the Trucking Watchdog!

If you received this link, you have been invited to submit a guest post to our blog. Here’s a little bit of basic info for authors.

Writing a guest blog

Topics: Should be related to commercial motor vehicles, trucking law, and/or trucking safety.

Content: The post can contain duplicate content of the author’s own blog or website, if the author is the owner and originator of the content.

The author is giving the editor the right and permission to post this content and to make edits

Length: At least 500 words, no more than 1,000 (or request a double post).

What to include:

Bio: A sentence or short paragraph about the author and their relationship to the subject, optional to include a headshot of the author.

Links: Reference links will be incorporated, can include one link back to author’s own blog or website, and one link back to author’s social media profile of choice.

Images: We can include up to 3 images (author responsible for image permission) of at least 300×500 px, plus a headshot of the author.

Any image attributions should be included in the copy.

Submitting a guest blog

SubmissionThe author should send their guest post to info@truckingwatchdog.com, either in the body of the email or attached as a Word doc. In submitting, the author is giving the editor the right to post this content on TruckingWatchdog.com.

Attach images as separate files, jpg or png.

Formatting: The editor may change copy formatting, including bullets, lists, quotations and spacing.

Editing: We intend to post most content as it is submitted; however, the editor may contact the author with suggested changes.

It is up to author to confirm or reject the changes, and approve final publication.

Sharing a guest blog

Posting: Posting dates and times are at the sole discretion of the editor.

Blog link: We will email you a link when the post goes live.

Social media and links: Blog owner and author Kevin Coluccio may share and disseminate guests posts, with attribution and links.


Contact us at info@truckingwatchdog.com