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How many times have you seen semi-trucks racing down the road on the bumper of another truck and trailer?

Or a huge tractor-trailer riding the bumper of a passenger vehicle on I-5?

Probably far too often.

truck space cushion failure crash - Coluccio Law


What we see on our highways each and every day are truckers in a hurry, racing upon our roadways and following too close to other vehicles.

The truck Space Cushion

Many don’t know what a proper “following distance” means, nor the meaning of a proper safety cushion.

The necessary and proper following distance is based upon speeds and road conditions.

Every vehicle on our highways—and especially semi-trucks and trailers—must follow at such as distance as to provide for the stopping distance which would avoid a collision.

A space cushion means the proper following distance.

Being a distance from the motor vehicle in front of you that would allow for you to brake prior to any collision.  This distance must allow for you to slow, stop or turn.

Many suggest a following distance of at least 4 seconds and more, if the road conditions are hazardous.

The key is to use a following distance that would allow the driver to react to expected and unexpected situations.

A proper following distance prevents accidents crashes.*



* This post has been updated. Coluccio Law no longer uses the word “accident” to describe predictable, preventable truck crashes.  See: Why we say “crash” instead of “accident”