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The media has reported several recent rear-end collisions involving Trucks and Trailers. The facts have shown that the Truck drivers have smashed the vehicles in front of them, failing to slow and stop in time.  Why does this type of collisions happen so often?  It is my thought that this type of collision happens as a result of the failure of truck drivers 1) to maintain a safe following distance; 2) to operate their Trucks at a proper speed for the traffic, road and weather conditions; and, 3) to consider stopping distances.  These types of collision are entirely preventable with proper and safe driving.  Training of Truck drivers by Motor Carriers is so important to safety on our public roadways. One of the newspaper articles I read reported that two people were killed as a result of a Truck and Trailer smashing into the rear of their vehicle and forcing the vehicle into and under another Trailer that was in front of them.  These deaths were so preventable