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Last week, a big truck hauling 50,000 of carrots collided with a Nissan Maxima on a California freeway.

The car wedged under the truck. The driver didn’t stop, his semi-truck dragging a car down the road.

Fortunately, no one was seriously injured. But the resulting video, shot from another vehicle, is incredible.

What’s wrong with this picture?

  1. It’s not clear how far the car was dragged. 
    According to police, the semi-truck dragging the car under the second trailer lasted for for 7/10 of a mile. Witnesses said it was several miles. In just this one short video clip, the vehicles seem to travel at least 1/2 mile. Also, another vehicle had time to get in front of the truck and slow it down to a stop.
  2. The trucker never saw this car. 
    Even after he was stopped, and another driver approached him, he had no idea the car was stuck under his truck. Could he not see the car from his side mirror? Even if he couldn’t see it, how did he not hear a collision? And, the weight of a Nissan would have created at least some drag on the truck. He didn’t feel the extra weight?
  3. Other drivers couldn’t get his attention. 
    The truck driver didn’t notice he collided with a car. He didn’t hear the hood crunch, or the windshield break. He didn’t see it in his mirror. But you can see other drivers try to get his attention by honking, waving, slowing down … how did he miss all of that action?
  4. The trucker wasn’t ticketed. 
    Police said the crash was not considered a criminal incident. They did not believe the trucker was impaired, and said his log book appeared to be in compliance.

semi-Truck dragging car_crash-freeway-Trucking Watchdog

In the last three decades, I’ve dissected the causes and results of many truck crashes. I can’t imagine how this collision occurred without someone improperly changing lanes. If you can, please explain it.

One final note: could this have happened if the truck had underride guards?

semi-truck dragging-Truck-side-crash-TodayShow


Here’s how a simple truck side guard could save thousands of lives.