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In April 2018, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration declared two commercial motor vehicle operations to be “imminent hazards”

While that number is not unusual—FMCSA often shutters multiple companies in a month— these two are particularly interesting because they were both so blatantly, criminally dangerous.

Hazmat transport trucking company shut down

Rock City Stone Company, LLC was ordered to immediately stop all operations after a roadside safety inspection found very dangerous hauling practices.

The Tennessee-based company was transporting explosive materials, metal objects, and detonators all in the back of a truck.

The truck’s driver didn’t even have a license to operate a CMV.

FMCSA Hazmat Trucking Company Shut_Coluccio Law

Explosives, metal objects, and detonators all piled in the back of a truck; you don’t have to know much about hazardous materials to see how dangerous this is. Photo via FMCSA Newsroom.

FMCSA’s imminent hazard out-of-service order states:

The company’s “complete and utter lack of compliance with [HM and federal safety regulations] including when transporting explosives …

substantially increases the likelihood of serious injury or death

for its drivers and the motoring public …”. 


In other words, a civilian had been driving basically a big truck bomb around Tennessee.   


Chameleon carrier trucking company shut down

At the end of April, FMCSA shut down Daya Trucking, out of Georgia: the chameleon carrier previously known as Ekam Truckline LLC.

Chameleon carrier: a trucking company shut down to hide from penalties

after huge safety violations or crashes,

and then re-opened under a new name.

Daya had been running 39 trucks. In the first two months of 2018, Daya’s old ELD system recorded 4,802 hours of unidentified driving time.

The FMCSA found 51 instances of truckers unplugging or disabling the system that tracks trucker’s hours of service to ensure sleep and safety compliance.


  • Seven truck drivers were allowed to drive without the proper drug testing.
  • Four of the Daya drivers tested positive for controlled substances.
  • Five drivers without a current CDL (commercial driver’s license) were working for Daya.
Daya Trucking-FMCSA Shutdown-Coluccio Law

As of today, there’s no indication on their website that the Daya Trucking company shut down. It appears that they are still accepting truck driver applications …

Finally, Daya trucks had been placed out-of-service at a rate of 46% in the last year. Violations included:

  • Broken or inoperable lights;
  • Exposed tire fabric;
  • Defective brakes;
  • Broken or missing axle pieces; and
  • Oil leaks.


In other words, exhausted and/or impaired drivers (who may not have even been licensed) illegally drove falling-apart trucks around-the-clock. 


The FMCSA ordered Daya Trucking to immediately cease all operations.


See the FMCSA orders here.


ELD-Trucker Log Book-Trucking Company Shut-Washington State

Evenflo Logistics registered as an LLC in Washington State in October 2016.

Since then, the trucking company has accrued a shocking number of safety violations.

This trucking company is incredibly dangerous, should be permanently closed …