Information on truck accident lawsuits and legal processes

How a Washington truck crash lawsuit works

Seattle-based attorney Kevin Coluccio explains the basic process of a Washington truck crash lawsuit with Coluccio Law, from start to finish.  Talking with a lawyer The first step in a successful lawsuit against a trucking company: talking with an experienced attorney. If you send a message to Coluccio Law, we will respond as quickly as possible. If [...]

How a plaintiff’s lawyer can use the motor carrier Safety Director as an expert witness

The following information is an excerpt of a presentation given to the Academy of Truck Accident Attorneys by plaintiff's lawyer Kevin Coluccio. I have taken the depositions of many motor carrier Safety Directors. As I became more experienced and knowledgeable, I developed the skill of questioning defendant witnesses in such a manner as to make [...]

Court holds trucking companies 100% responsible for Skagit Bridge collapse

Last week, the Washington Supreme Court issued a ruling in the ongoing litigation between the State and trucking companies regarding the collapse of the I-5 Skagit River Bridge in 2013. Washington Supreme Court tells trucking companies, not WSDOT, to pay for I-5 Skagit bridge collapse While Judge Steven Gonzalez’ reasoning was not completely sound and [...]

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