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Trucking cases are often complex, involving multiple legal and practical issues. I have extensive experience with accidents involving tractor trailers, large transport trucks, automobiles and other forms of transportation.

Having practiced law for several decades, I have successfully brought justice and significant results to those who have been wronged by the negligence and carelessness of truck drivers and motor carriers.

Often, I am referred cases or asked to associate as a truck crash lawyer on cases involving serious truck collisions due to my experience in this area of the law. Many times, other lawyers have not seen the necessary legal issues in bringing a successful trucking case.

I have worked with some of the best experts in the field of trucking law.

The most important part of successfully litigating a trucking case is to determine the cause of the collision and establishing that the cause of the collision was the truck driver or the motor carrier.  

Most often, the truck driver’s and motor carrier’s representatives are at the scene of the collision immediately after the event has occurred.

The hidden value in hiring a truck crash lawyer immediately

I am generally retained sometime later, and I immediately go to work establishing the case and the appropriate claims. But the sooner you hire an attorney, the sooner a thorough investigation of the crash scene can start – preserving and document crucial evidence.

I am proud of the work that my legal team and I do on behalf of truck collision victims. We are available to talk about your truck crash case, if you have the need.

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