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This October I will mark my 25th year practicing law in the State of Washington.  I became a member of the Oregon State Bar Association in 2002.  One area of the law that I have focused my practice in is Trucking Law and Trucking Accident cases.  I have handled numerous Truck collision cases over the years.  Remarkably, there are more than three accidents involving Trucks a minute where people are injured or killed.  This is a staggering number.

Although Truck accidents are similar to automobile accidents, there are many unique characteristics. For, example, there are specific rules and regulations that apply to Motor Carriers and Truck drivers. There is special training requirements for Truck Drivers, beyond the requirements of automobile drivers.

In addition, Truck rigs have “black boxes” that record certain data.  Truck rigs and their trailers have specific inspection and maintanence requirements.  Trucking companies must have a safety department and a safety director.

There are many aspects of Truck accidents that require the involvement of experienced Trucking accident lawyers.  In Washington and Oregon other attorneys and victims of Trucking accidents regularly contact me to handle Trucking accidents.