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Federal Regulations require that no truck driver shall operate a vehicle while the driver’s ability is impaired or is likely to become impaired through fatigue.

This means that a driver whose ability to safely operate his truck is impaired because he is tired or his ability is likely to become impaired because he is tired shall not operate the truck.

Many truck drivers suffer from sleep apnea, a condition that results in daytime sleepiness and fatigue.  A truck driver who suffers from this condition is obviously a potential danger on our public roadways.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Advisory Committee is continuing its review of this condition, in order to determine if new screening rules should be adopted.

We have read, all too many times, about a driver, whether it be a truck driver, or simply a motorist, having fallen asleep at the wheel causing a tragic crash.

With big rigs operated by hired truck drivers it is critical that the FMCSA continue to address the issue of driver fatigue. In addition, Motor Carriers must continue to manage the issue of driver fatigue for the safety of our public roadways.