The link between truck driver pay and the risk of a crash

Micheal Belzer, an economics professor at Wayne State University, recently published a study showing a strong correlation between truck driver pay and road safety. In this article,  Truck drivers are overtired, underworked, and underpaid, he explains his findings. The data suggest that economic factors affecting drivers contribute significantly to truck crashes. A link between truck driver pay and safety [...]

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It’s time for better drug tests for truckers

Trucking companies must drug-test all applicants when hiring truck drivers. A driver must be tested again if he or she is involved in a truck accident crash that results in a serious injury or fatality. Those results are shared with The Department of Transportation (DOT), which regulates the trucking industry. Currently, The Department of Transportation (DOT) [...]

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Truck Drivers Ignoring Cell Phone Ban

It’s illegal. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has a blanket ban on commercial drivers using a hand-held cellular phone or texting while driving. It’s unsafe. Truck drivers are 23x more likely to crash if they are texting. And a number of trucking carriers claim that texting and driving is grounds for a driver’s immediate [...]

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Not enough truck drivers, and too many accidents: what’s the solution? (Hint: it’s hire vets)

Long hours on the road. Stressful situations. Days away from home. Trucking can be a tough job. It’s not for everyone. 30,000 tractor-trailer drivers are needed across the U.S. right now, the American Trucking Association (ATA) estimates. Another 100,000 will be needed every year for the next decade. Economic growth leads to more goods being [...]

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Sleepy Truck Drivers

Federal Regulations require that no truck driver shall operate a vehicle while the driver's ability is impaired or is likely to become impaired through fatigue. This means that a driver whose ability to safely operate his truck is impaired because he is tired or his ability is likely to become impaired because he is tired [...]

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Keep a Look-out

The fall has arrived and soon we will be in winter.  It is this time of year that greater care is needed when traveling on our roadways.  Often, as I travel on Pacific Northwest freeways, I watch Trucks go speeding by me without regard to the weather conditions.  Rain conditions require defensive driver practices.  Stopping [...]

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Trucks and Speed

A truck driver must maintain a proper speed at all times.  Proper speeds depends on many critical factors.       These factors, include: *Traffic conditions *Road and Weather conditions *Skill and Experience *Load Weight and Type *Visibilty *Posted Speed Limit *Road Shape - Curves and Grades Speed control means operating at the proper speed [...]

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Logging Trucks

Logging trucks traveling on our highways and public roadways are a common site in the Pacific Northwest.  They are generally traveling with a full load of logs.  A fully loaded logging truck must be operated by a skilled and trained driver. Defensive driving practices must be used and road and weather conditions must be observed [...]

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