The new clearinghouse rule that will keep dangerous truckers off the road

Last month, a semi-truck struck and killed a man near his disabled car on I-84 in Idaho. The truck driver was investigated by FMCSA: last year, a motor carrier fired that trucker for failing a random drug test. After the failed drug test, the driver didn't comply with the required substance abuse assessment. He was [...]

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Truck crash killed four students, exposes massive hole in trucker drug test

On a September evening in 2014, a tractor-trailer going over 70 mph on an Oklahoma highway veered out of the left lane. The truck driver was neither braking nor steering as the semi-truck crossed the median. That semi-truck traveled about 1100 feet before it collided with a bus on the other side of the highway. [...]

2016-01-04T20:00:22+00:00January 4th, 2016|Alcohol and drug-related truck crashes|

It’s time for better drug tests for truckers

Trucking companies must drug-test all applicants when hiring truck drivers. A driver must be tested again if he or she is involved in a truck accident crash that results in a serious injury or fatality. Those results are shared with The Department of Transportation (DOT), which regulates the trucking industry. Currently, The Department of Transportation (DOT) [...]

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